J.E. Dunn Construction

"Building from the Heart" commemorates the growth over 80 years and three generations of a small building company into one of the nation's largest general contractors.

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Jefferson Scholars Program

A Community of Excellence tells the extraordinary story of a group of University of Virginia alumni who founded what many consider America's premier merit scholarship program.

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A cultural history of one of the few remaining top boys' boarding preparatory schools. A Pride of Fighting Gentlemen follows Trinity-Pawling's colorful founding, closing during World War II, weathering of a financial crisis in the 1970s, flirtation with coeducation and, finally, rise to excellence in recent decades.

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Racquet Club

From its founding in 1907 to the present day, the Racquet Club St. Louis has a colorful past, which is detailed in word and pictures in "A Youthful Hundred."

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Stage Harbor Yacht Club

A meticulous and beautiful history of the Stage Harbor Yacht Club of Chatham, Massachusetts.

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America's Lost Treasure

Conceived, ghosted and developed by Tim Noonan from his Life Magazine story. America's Lost Treasure details the sinking and recovery of one of history's great ocean disasters.

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A Southern Legacy

The history of the Paul Barringer Family of Virginia and South Carolina and the founding of Coastal Lumber Company, one of America's top lumber manufacturers.

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William's Sword

A 1000-year epic family and corporate history. A returning WWII soldier risks everything to build his own company between 1960 and 1995. At the same time he tracks a precious family relic.

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