What is the first step?

Spend 30 - 60 minutes speaking with us about the project. We will guide you through the questions that help define the project, provide a preliminary set of specifications and a preliminary estimate.

What is the process?

First, we listen attentively to your needs and objectives.
Second, we do our homework.
Finally, we implement our turnkey service, which includes:
  • shaping the concept
  • developing the copy
  • establishing a handsome graphic design
  • overseeing production
  • delivering the books to your doorstep

  • How long does the whole process take?

    That depends on the scope of the project, but 18-24 months is standard. It is not unusual for a major project to take longer. Usually, we can fast-track a small or "rush" project. To some extent the timetable depends on the accessibility of the client and response time to the approval process.

    What are the succeeding steps?

    Planning: 1-3 month
    Research: 3-6 months
    Writing: 4-12 months
    Design: 2-3 months
    Prepress: 1 - 2 months (proofing, indexing, file conversion, etc.)
    Printing: 6 weeks - 4 months
    (Printing offshore is often more economical, but can add six-to-eight weeks.)
    Delivery: 2 weeks - 1 month

    What are client responsibilities in the process?

    We remove 98% of the work from your shoulders. We can't remove 100% of the work because you still need to participate at points along the way. First, we ask you to join us in thinking through the whole project. Then we need approvals of each chapter as it is written, your choice of design concepts, and approval of the final layout.

    How much control does the client retain?

    We leave you only 2% of the work, but 100% of the control.
    Up-front planning and regular communication keeps you informed of the status of the project at any given time.
    The step-by-step approval process ensures that each step meets with your approval.

    Who owns the rights?

    Usually the client. Heritage Histories provides its services as work-for-hire, in which case you own everything. Most custom publishing is work-for-hire.

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