At Heritage Histories we appreciate the intense commitment, the monumental effort and the relentless drive required for building an extraordinary organization that survives, and thrives, over decades.

The story of building an exemplary organization should be preserved for posterity. An extraordinary organization deserves to be the subject of an heirloom edition that will inform and entertain for generations. If yours is such a story, it is entitled to the expert touch of Heritage Histories.
Benefits of a Corporate History
Does your company have an upcoming important anniversary?
Are you looking for a way to distinguish your company with key stakeholders?
Is there a desire to better inculcate in new staff members the corporate culture?
Is the desire simply to preserve the rich history and culture of the organization?

People do business with people they know. A corporate history uniquely personalizes your company and makes it understandable in an intimate and engaging way. It opens new markets, introducing you to an expanded base of prospects that contrasts positively with your competitors.

Brand Development
A strategically written history conveys the values that underpin the company and the brand, bringing to life for employees, suppliers, prospects and clients the rich story that evolved through the years.

Unlike advertising, and far more than promotional literature, a handsomely crafted corporate history has a long shelf life, passing through many hands over a long period of time. It becomes not only a valued company document, but also a sound investment.

An interesting corporate history serves as a highly effective first step in both recruitment and training and can shorten both processes.

A company history helps people understand where they fit into the big picture, helping foster dedication, loyalty and effectiveness in employees.

Other Benefits
Having a reader-friendly corporate history on hand very often saves employee time in dealing with a variety of needs such as outside inquiries or community service requests.

Benefits of a University or School History
Are there university programs or foundations that would benefit from a permanent publication that highlights its value to the University? Is your school approaching an important anniversary? Would your school benefit from a well crafted history that speaks to key audiences: alumni, donors, faculty and staff, prospective students and parents?

Alumni must feel a connection to their school or university. Corporations and foundations must gain an appreciation for it. A beautiful school or department history can renew or pique the interest of these important constituencies.

Values Enhancement
The carefully written history reveals the values behind the school and conveys a deeper understanding to prospective students, parents, alumni, corporations and foundations.

Unlike a campaign case statement or other short-lived materials, a school history travels, passing through many hands over a long period of time, making it extremely cost-effective.

Student and Faculty Recruitment
An attractive and compelling school history is a tool for recruiting top teachers, administrators and students.

Community Building
A comprehensive history shows everyone in the community his or her place in the larger school tradition. That perspective creates a more tightly knit school community.

Benefits of a Club History
Are you interested in boosting club membership?
Does your club history reside only in the memories of longtime members?
Does the membership have the cohesion derived from shared institutional knowledge? A club history accomplishes all these goals.

Benefits of Specialty Publications
Is there a collection, an event or an organization with which you are involved that has a lively and fascinating story that should be shared? A specialty publication can be developed to meet just about any need.

Example pages of "A Communication of Excellence".

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