Heritage Histories has established itself as one of the nation's leading custom publishers by producing a long list of extraordinary histories and specialty books for Fortune 500 companies, major universities, preparatory schools, private clubs and other organizations.

With Heritage Histories, you own the project and we do the work. Well, we do 98% of it. The client must point us in the right direction and review and approve the work at various stages, but our clients find it to be an enjoyable and reasonably straight-forward process.
What You Can Expect From Us
Every Heritage Histories book, is exhaustively researched, elegantly written, and beautifully designed to meet your particular objectives. Heritage Histories is dedicated to keeping the process simple for the client, making it cost effective and staying on-schedule.

Our job is to help you permanently capture and preserve the history of your organization in order for it to be passed along to the various audiences who have a stake in it: customers, prospective customers, employees, suppliers, strategic partners and investors, to name a few.
Our Promise to You
The fact that your organization has sustained itself over a long period of time -- during good times and bad times, through ups and downs -- makes its story important and worthwhile. That its history was honed by a passing parade of talented individuals with their own hopes and dreams for it, makes it unique.

Our promise is to tell that story with the respect, the enthusiasm and the sensitivity it deserves. It will be a logically conceived and well written story that keeps the reader turning pages. It will be attractively designed and may include sidebars and other devices to provide entry points for readers with more or less time. Whatever the format, it will be a publication that reflects well upon the organization, and one with which you will be proud to be associated
A collection of our professionally bound books.

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Tim Noonan
President and Publisher

A writer by trade, Tim Noonan is the publisher of Heritage Histories, the author of hundreds of articles for national magazines and more than a dozen histories for major organizations. Trained as a historian at Stanford, Harvard, and the University of North Carolina, he began a career as a freelance journalist while playing on the professional tennis tour. After penning numerous features for Tennis Magazine, some of which were included in E.P. Dutton's Annual Best Sports Stories Anthology, he went on to write business, history and general interest articles in top periodicals, including Life and Forbes.
After pursuing graduate work in American Studies, Noonan served as North Carolina State Director of the Roosevelt Center for American Policy Studies, Assistant Director of Duke University's Capital Campaign for the Arts & Sciences and Assistant to the President at Duke before founding a corporate communications consulting firm serving clients as diverse as Glaxo, Random House, the Home Depot, the Jose Carreras International Leukemia Foundation, and Duke University.
In 2000 he shifted his company's focus to custom publishing. Noonan's broad experience in publishing, journalism, corporate communications history, and education represents the foundation of Heritage Histories.

Eileen Guilfoil
Photo Editor, Project Manager

Eileen Guilfoil serves as photo editor, image quality control supervisor, and production manager. In these capacities, Eileen makes final choices on photo selection, oversees color correction, cropping, contrast, and other aesthetic aspects for all images, and works closely with Heritage Historiesí designers, layout professionals and printers to ensure the finished product is the highest possible quality visually.
Eileen has a bachelorís degree from the University of Kansas and worked in marketing for a large healthcare company for ten years before opening a very successful portrait studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She was commissioned by companies and individuals in the US and abroad for creating exceptional fine art portraits.

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